Rahul's Christmas Crisis

Rahul's Christmas Crisis

Rahul has been struggling lately. This pandemic has rendered him jobless. His boss fired him over a Zoom call which is extremely unprofessional and unfair but hey, life is always unfair. His next job interview is scheduled for 4th January. He knows he will most probably get the job but the Christmas season is around the corner and since he didn't receive his salary and bonus for December, he does not have enough money to enjoy this festive season with his family. You got to feel for him.

However, Rahul's IIT education has taught him that there is always a way out of dark times. He might be without a job but he knows he can compensate for it with his IITIAN intellect. He decided that he will use this Christmas season to his advantage. He started exploring different small-scale business ideas for Christmas. Here are the ideas that he has on his bucket list for now:-

  1. Gift Service: Rahul, being a software engineer, is well versed in managing websites and databases. He can build a small website and sell popular Christmas gift products there. He will have to restrict the availability to a few blocks from his house as he doesn't have much labor capacity right now.
  2. Party Planning Service: Rahul had his fair share of Event Management PORs in college. He knows how to conduct fests and parties. Now, a lot of families and businesses host Christmas parties. He can plan those parties for them at a fee less than the big party planning folks.
  3. Christmas Brownies and Cookie sales: Rahul is a bad cook. He knows it. That's the reason he is never allowed in the kitchen by Aditi, his wife. Aditi is a perfectionist when it comes to cooking. She was the founder of the culinary club of her college. She is an exceptional baker. Her brownies and cookies are enjoyed by many. Aditi pitches the idea of starting a bakery service where they can sell her delicious cookies on Rahul's website.
  4. Renting Party Venues for Christmas: Rahul owns two flats. He lives in one and the other is not well furnished. Hence, that one is unused. He is planning to renovate it. However, that flat can still be used as a party spot after some decoration. He can rent that place to people who want a space to host parties.
  5. Gift Personalisation Service: Seeing her father brainstorming over small business ideas, Advaitya, his daughter, decided to chip in. After reminding her father of how bad an artist he is, she flexed her exemplary art skills. "Get to the point, dear", Rahul said (out of insecurity of his art skills. After all, his only exposure to drawing things was in the Engineering Drawing course in college... That's not drawing tho. That's torture). Adya said that her winter holidays have started and she would love to assist him in his endeavors. She said that she can engrave, embroider and personalize people's gifts. She can also add initials or write decorative texts on a variety of items. A lot of people love to keep mementos that have a personal touch to them. Hence, they can start a gift personalization service. Rahul was left teary-eyed when he saw his 15-year-old taking so much responsibility. He was proud of his amazing family.

Rahul found many more ideas on the Internet but these 5 seemed to be the most feasible for him. Now, it's time to implement those ideas. Wish Rahul luck in his Christmas Business Adventure. We will tell you all about Rahul's fate and how his business unfolded in the next edition. By that time, you can send us some of your small-scale innovative business ideas for Christmas. We would love to hear back from you.

Stay Tuned and do send in your ideas. We will be waiting for them. Till then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all! We hope you will have a very good time. Thank you!