"Instead of freaking about the constraints, embrace them. Let them guide you. Constraints drive innovation and force focus."
Inspired by these words, we at IIT Patna took an initiative to create the creators through our cell.
E-Cell organises a variety of events throughout the year to promote entrepreneurial activities in and around the campus. E-Cell conducts various lectures and workshops focused at budding entrepreneurs.

Our Initiatives


Start your own business in the campus for a week and earn profits!
The best idea implemented wins a huge cash prize!


A Weekend celebrating the entrepreneur culture in campus. Participants get to take part in vast number of events, conclaves, guest talks and much more!


The first step for innovation is ideation. This is a platform to showcase your skills. Come up with a business idea to solve problem statements!

Startup Expo

Showcase your start-up to the world and discover the next destination in your success story. Demonstrate your solutions live, be innovative, put your best foot forward!


Imminent personalities from different fields come together and take part in a debate. Each have a different opinion on the same question, making the conversation highly insightful!

SMC @IIT Patna

A non-profit network of passionate individuals and institutions to combine skills and resources in support of the activities to promote entrepreneurship and problem solving skills.

Do the impossible!

Entrepreneurship cell, IIT Patna is the organisation run by students and has been established with the objective of creating, manifesting, and guiding the entrepreneurial spirit in the student community and to encourage them to be successful entrepreneurs.


Work flow in E-Cell

  • We shall strive to educate ourselves about the nuances involved in entrepreneurship and business in order to prepare ourselves for undertaking the journey from the genesis of an idea to its successful business implementation.
  • We shall work to create an environment that would allow us to learn from each other and from the experiences of people who have undertaken this journey in the past.
  • To the end we conduct several events and workshops both for students of and beyond our college for the purpose of cultivating entrepreneur spirit.

Campus Ambassador Program

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Entreview - Watch Now!

A brief interview of our honourable guest Dr Om Deshmukh sharing wisdom on multiple aspects of Entrepreneurship, Data Science and Student Life.


Series of Talks


The Entrepreneur 101 series covering details about the scope of data science in the industry and its application in data-driven corporations. The attendees had an insightful experience regarding the same. We thank OmDeshmukh sir for such an engaging talk.

Talk by Om Deshmukh - Founder of TildeHat


Stock Market is not at all equivalent to gambling and that the risks can be greatly minimized if one has a proper understanding of the market. Using real-time data, he demonstrated how to analyze, understand various trends, traps, and opportunities in the market along with the potential threats involved like false tips, frauds in stock market.

Talk by Hardeep Malik - Founder of OmniBulls


"How to pitch and how can a Startup succeed". It was extremely knowledgeable also interactive as well. He shared the information about how to grab the investors attention and also their mindset which will absolutely helpful for increasing investment.

Talk by Amit Mehra - Founding Principal, Unicorn India

About The Team

Meet our new core team!



Overall Co-ordinator and Startup Relations


Nischal A

Industrial Relations


Navya Sree

Media and Public Relations


Gopal Singh

Media and Public Relations


Venkat Rao

Event Management



Event Management



Event Management



Creatives and Designs


Mahesh Babu

Tech and Dev

Contact Information

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  • Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Bihta, Bihar 801103
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